In English, please!


Muuppera is a newborn, small opera house in the middle of Finland. Word 'Muuppera' comes from the combination of it's hometown Muurame and from the word 'ooppera' which means opera in Finnish. Muuppera was established in 2019 by six singers who had met at the Jyväskylä Opera choir. One beautiful summer evening we sailed thru the lake of Päijänne and as the sun was setting, there came across an idea that it would be so wonderful to perform together and with other enthusiastic singers and opera lovers here in the middle part of Finland. We also thought that it would be great to give performing opportunities for those who had lately finished their studies of classical singing and for those who are still studying to become singers.

As a first suitable opera for us to take on, we all agreed on Sir Arthur Sullivan's The Zoo. It is a wonderful opera with lots and lots of character and delicious roles to play. The music is very approachable also for someone who has never seen opera or heard opera music. And as we started the production, we discovered that it has not been performed here in Finland. So Muuppera's premier also became The Zoo's premier here in Finland. Our director Kirsi Sulonen has turned this production into a firework of imagination and events so that you never know what will happen next. You can just sit back and enjoy the ride!

The performances take place between 7th and 15th of November 2020 at Muuramesali. For active interest from abroad we have decided to stream online two performances: 10th Nov at 7.00 pm and 15th Nov at 5 pm (UTC +2). Tickets for online performance can be ordered from We are politely asking 10€ per link to support our young association. 

Photos: Marianne Hautsalo